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The surface aerators churn the effluent and bring it in contact with atmospheric air as the aeration process. This process poses the limitation of installation of large ponds and large numbers of surface aerators to improve the aeration efficiency. The disadvantage being a high capital cost in building basins, a high operating cost in terms of ...


The Aqua-Lator surface aerator was introduced in 1963 and has a reputation for providing decades of superior performance and reliability. From the beginning, Aqua-Lator aerators have delivered excellent value for thousands of municipal and industrial wastewater operators. Driving this track record has been a consistent product

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Surface aerators work at the top of your pond, helping to circulate the water, introduce oxygen, and break up algae and film that can build up on the surface. Each type of aerator uses a pump to expel water into the air, allowing it to come into contact with oxygen (and other gases), which is then carried back into the pond.

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LANDY-7 Surface Aerator Overview: The most recent advancement to surface aerator technology can be seen in the LANDY-7 impeller. The Landy impellers have always incorporated a sturdy design with zero failures due to cracked, sheared, or broken impeller blades. This new impeller increases oxygen transfer efficiency and reduces axial and radial ...

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Natural free-surface aeration includes self-aeration in high-velocity open channel flows 3 and air entrainment at hydraulic jumps. Artificial aeration (or forced aeration) can be used in water treatment plants for water quality enhancements (e.g. by air injection at submerged nozzles) and in spillways to prevent cavitation damage.. First, let us characterise a free-surface flow with air ...

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SURFACE AERATOR dikenal sebagai salah satu bagian penting dari proses pengolahan air. Baik itu air bersih untuk perumahan, kolam renang, kolam ikan dan beragam kebutuhan lainnya. Bagi Anda yang telah paham dengan proses pengolahan air limbah, tentu tidak asing dengan keberadaan alat tersebut.

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Surface Aerators. Surface Aerators are known for the best Oxygen Transfer rates and have a large variety of uses. They are much more efficient than aerating and decorative fountains. These are also a great choice for shallower ponds 6 ft or less and if you do not desire and nice fountain look. Sizing is simple in most cases.

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Surface aerators create an incredible oxygen transfer rate on the surface of your pond or lake. We offer Scott Aerator Co. and Kasco Marine surface aerators, in horsepower sizes ranging from 1/2 to 5 HP. Free shipping on all Kasco and Scott products! No matter the size of your pond or lake, we've got an aerator that will fit perfectly.

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Surface aerators create an incredible oxygen transfer rate on the surface of your pond or lake. We offer Scott Aerator Co. and Kasco Marine surface aerators, in horsepower sizes ranging from 1/2 to 5 HP. Free shipping on all Kasco and Scott products! No matter the size of your pond or lake, we've got an aerator …

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This aeration system extracts water from the basin volume and utilizes air-water contact to transfer oxygen by means of a water spray on the surface. This is the ideal Aeration system for ponds and lakes. Floating surface aerators: The AER-AS, is the high-speed direct drive surface aerator that can be used for small tanks to massive lagoons.


Surface aerators are designed to ensure quality water management for ponds, lakes and lagoons. When these devices are properly installed and maintained, aerators can ensure proper aeration thereby keeping water fresh, vibrant and healthy. Good water management means protecting water so that people, as well as the environment, do not suffer.

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Surface Aerators. Surface Aerators or high oxygen transfer units agitate high volumes of water at the pond's surface. These units are typically used for custom applications involving aquaculture, industrial needs or even waste water plants.

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High performance surface aerators dramatically push high volumes of water into the air. This process increases the overall health of your water and keeps it thoroughly mixed. These self-contained units deliver up to 3.0 lbs of O2 per horsepower per hour of operation, making Kasco surface aerators …

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Description. The Aqua-Lator® surface aerator, is considered the first floating mechanical aerator for wastewater treatment applications. The powerful pumping action of the surface aerator transfers oxygen by breaking up the wastewater into a spray of particles, creating more surface area for atmospheric pressure to drive oxygen into the wastewater.

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Surface aerators control the mosquito population and create a better fish habitat by reducing odor, nutrient loads, and improving water quality. HOW IT WORKS As water flows through the bottom of the shroud and four additional holes, the propeller mixes and forces the water above the surface through our patented unique design.

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Surface aeration with highest efficiency. up to 2.8 kg O 2 /kWh. High-performance gear drives with special bearings. bearing life span of more than 120,000 hours. Completely made from stainless steel. AISI 304 or AISI 316. High oxygen transfer rates. Alpha factor (α) 0.9. Flyer of the BSK ® ‑Turbine.

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Oct 17, 2019· 3 Minute Water and Waste Water Video Tutorials by AETFor more information or comments contact us here: https:// Water testing equipment h...

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Apr 23, 2020· What Is Surface Aeration? Surface aerators float along the top of a body of water with each unit tethered to the other across the surface. Some surface aerators pull water from the top of the body of water and fling it into the air, disturbing the surface of the water and forcing air bubbles down to quickly, efficiently infuse the pond with oxygen.

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Argos ® Sequencing Batch Reactor. The Argos ® Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) offers greater process flexibility of the activated sludge wastewater treatment process.The SBR is designed to operate under unsteady conditions and allows for aeration and sludge settlement to occur in the same tank in a time sequence rather than in the conventional space sequence of continuous-flow systems.

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Surface Mechanical Aerator The Aqua-Jet aerator is a mechanical direct-drive unit designed to provide optimum oxygen transfer in a variety of municipal and industrial wastewater applications. The performance of the Aqua-Jet aerator also provides the mixing necessary to uniformly disperse oxygen and organic matter within the microbial population.

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Surface Aerator. Surface aerators work at the top of your pond, helping to circulate the water, introduce oxygen, and break up algae and film that can build up on the surface. Each type of aerator uses a pump to expel water into the air, allowing it to come into …

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Jan 16, 2018· "Jet" Surface Aerator: This brand of surface aerator is essentially a hybrid of the vertical and horizontal aerators. Like the horizontal aerator, its motor is located off-axis and aeration is achieved via drafted air or injected with a blower. Like a vertical aerator, water is drawn from a propeller and expelled across the surface, using ...

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Kasco High Oxygen Surface Aerators. These reliable units are designed for maximum pumping volume and circulation. Although these surface pond aerators are not as decorative as the fountains, they are the best choice for maximum aeration in a shallow pond. Because of the high circulation rate, these pond aerators are especially helpful in ...

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The floating surface lagoon aerator system is designed for open water municipal aeration and industrial aeration ponds or lagoons. The pontoon system is needed if water levels tend to rise or fall significantly. The pontoons consist of UV treated high density polyethylene jackets filled with closed-cell , guaranteed not to sink.

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Feb 08, 2010· Surface Aerators • Surface aerators belong to first generation of oxygen transfer technologies. They are typically characterised by high OTR and low SAE values (in the range of 0.9-2.1 kgO2 kWh-1). Surface aerators shear the liquid into small droplets which are spread in a turbulent plume at several metres per second. The travelling droplets ...

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Aug 10, 2020· Surface aerators are versatile and can be used for agriculture wastewater treatment, as well as in various industrial settings – treating wastewaters from the food processing industry, paper and pulp industry, and even the petrochemical industry. EEE Surface Aerators have a streamlined design.

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Surface Aeration. Fountains and bubblers are two types of surface aeration systems that work by agitating the surface of the pond to mix oxygen into the top layer of the water. Fountains pump water into the air, creating small droplets that collect oxygen from the atmosphere and fall back into the water.

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Surface Aerators. SELVO manufactures 4 series of surfaces aerators: vertical shaft turbine aerators, self-aspirating spiral aerators, horizontal shaft brush aerators and horizontal shaft disc aerators. They are widely used in municipal sewage and industrial wastewater treatment, especially suitable for oxidation ditches and aeration tanks.

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Industrial Aerators Our range of products include low speed floating surface aerator, ss304/ss316 floating surface aerator, surface floating, automation grade: automatic, frp & ms ep mixed bed bio reactor floating aerators, for sewage treatment aeration, 5(m3/h), low speed fixed type surface aerator, high speed floating surface aerator and neomix automatic fixed surface aerator, oxygen tranfer ...

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KAMPS company is a surface aerator manufacturer and supplier since more than 30 years and has references all over the world.. The low speed vertical shaft aerator AIRMAX presents all the required qualities for efficient aeration of biological plants. Indeed low speed surface aerators oxygen transfer efficiency is one of the highest compared to other aeration solutions.

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Floating surface aerator is one of the most practical surface aeration systems that is designed and produced for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. The basis of the work of this equipment and surface aeration system is to increase the contact surface of the wastewater with the air and to supply oxygen to the fluid in the treatment ...


When selecting a subsurface aeration system, consider the shape, surface area, and depth of the pond. The amount of surface area the Deep Aire diffused system will effectively cover is dependent on the depth of the shape of the pond. The area of coverage increases the …

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Surface Aerators. The Aqua-Jet® aerator is the most durable, highly efficient wastewater aerator on the market today. Since 1969, more than 80,000 Aqua-Jet aerators have been installed throughout the world, representing 1.5 million horsepower and over 9 billion hours of runtime. The Aqua-Jet aerator is a mechanical direct-drive unit designed ...

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Surface aerators are recommended for smaller ponds, seeing that a body of water with a depth of 10' or more requires more power. Each system must also have a dedicated power supply near the pond or lake. You may want to invest in a surface aerator system for …

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Surface aerators typically have limited standby capacity. It is important when comparing surface aerators and diffusers to have a similar standby capacity. Diffusers will typically have 50% or standby capacity of the blower systems. Similar standby capacities or spare capacity should be considered with surface aerators as well.

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Surface aerator adalah mesin Pensuplai udara atau mesin penghasil oksigen yang dipergunakan dalam suatu sistem pengolahan air limbah. Mesin Aerator model surface ini dipergunakan untuk kebutuhan kolam aerasi pada Unit Instalasi Pengolahan air limbah / WWTP.

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With the Passavant ® Surface Aerator Mammutrotor ® Aqseptence Group offers you a universal solution which has been especially developed for aeration, circulation and stir mixing processes. More than 8,500 installations with a total length of approximately 52 km have meanwhile been deployed worldwide and the Mammutrotor ® has become the byword for economic and reliable surface aeration.